Step by Step Guide to Install Blogger Templates

Installation of blogger template on blogger blog is very simple. Blogspot-Templates.Org gives you various type of free blogspot templates for enhancing your blog. Yes! these blogger templates will give new look to your blogger blog. In this article I will shows you How to install/upload a new blogger template. I’m going share two  simple types of installation method with step by step guidance.

Method-1: Uploading .xml file to your existing widgets will keep on blogger and you need to remove manually on this method.

Method-2: Copy and Paste method, in which you have to copy all coding and paste it their completely replacing all previous coding.

Note:- First method is very simple  method and if you got any kind of error while uploading template using method 1, then try method 2.

Method 1 which is uploading .xml file

Step 1: Download Blogger Template.

Browse blogger templates of your choice of any categories like Responsive, SEO Ready, Magazine, Simple, Clean, Portfolio and Fashion. (You can also see Live Preview of every templates to know how your blog look like after uploading that template.) After the getting blogger template of your choice, click Download button on to download that template and the blogger template file will directly download to your computer hard drive.

download and upload blogger template How to install Blogger Template

Step 2: Extract downloaded template zip file.

Go to your computer’s hard drive downloaded directory and extract or unzip the downloaded template which contains .xml file.

extract ziped blogger template files in hard drive

Step 3: Logged in your Blogger Dashboard.

Now, go to Google Blogger site and logged in your google account to access your blogger dashboard (Ignore this step if you are already logged in)


Step 4: Access Theme Section.

If you have multiple blogs then choose your Blog from Dashboard that you want to change template, and click on “Theme” in the option panel on the left.

How to install Blogger Template

Step 5: Access Backup / Restore.

Look at the top right corner, you will see “Backup / Restore” button and click it on.

Backup and restore in blogger How to install a Blogger Template

Before going next step, Please backup your previous template because, if you have any problem after  uploading the new template, the backup file will help you for restore. Please Read the post about Backup and Restore in Blogger.

Step 6: Get ready to upload.

Manage on pop-up windows and click “choose file” button and look for folder that is created after extracted file that you have downloaded.

Upload blogger template after Backup and restore in blogger How to install a Blogger Template

Step 7: select .xml file for uploading.

Folder has a .XML file, .TXT file, Internet shortcuts and etc., You should select only .XML file.

Extracted template files in hard drive

Step 8: Start uploading template.

Click “Upload” button. Now uploading process appear in your screen.

Upload xml template in blogger How to install a Blogger Template

Now the template will appear in your blog successfully.

Upload blogger theme

If you are getting any kind of error like below when uploading your template, then try this copy, paste method.

We were unable to save your theme.

Your theme could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message:
Content is not allowed in prolog.

Another method which is installing blogger template using copy and paste

First of all, Continue above steps till step-5.

Step 6: Open .xml file with text editor.

Open .xml file using text editor like notepad, wordpad, notpad++ or something like that.

Copy blogger template coding

Step 7: Copy all coding.

In the text editor, press ctrl+a and then ctrl+c (ctrl+a to select all coding, ctrl+c to copy the selected coding)

Paste coding on blogger

Step 8: Open HTML Editor on blogger.

Now open HTML Editor on blogger dashboard and click “Edit HTML” button.

Advanced blogger template installation

Step 9: Paste coding on blogger HTML Editor.

Click anywhere inHTML Editor. Now press ctrl+a and then ctrl+v (ctrl+a to select all coding, ctrl+v to replace selected coding with copied template coding). Finally click “Save theme”button.

Advanced template installation